Disney’s Magic Kingdom Kombat is a fighting game released for the PC by Capcom in a collaboration with Disney. It is expected to be released in early 2016. The game has around thirty-five characters, all of them originating from Disney.


The game plays like Super Smash Brothers. You move with the analog stick and attack with A and B. You also can grab or shield with L and R. Whenever you land a hit successfully, your opponent's damage percentage will go up. The higher their damage is, the easier it is to launch them off the stage. Attacking also builds up your Magic Meter. A full Magic Meter will allow you to perform a deadly Finale Move.


Name Info

Sorcerer Mickey Mouse 2

Mickey Mouse

Do I really have to explain who Mickey Mouse is? Here Mickey appears in his sorcerer form from Fantasia. He’s the most balanced character with all around stats. He can attack with magic, as well as objects from Fantasia.


Donald Duck

The short-tempered duck from the Mickey Mouse cartoons. Donald is fast with weak attacks. He can attack with his anger and tantrums.



Goofy is an old companion to Mickey and Donald. According to his son, he’s the most athletically challenged being on the planet, which carries over into the game. He’s very hard-hitting and can take a lot of hurt, but is very slow. He can attack with weights, sports equipment and magic tricks.

Peg-Leg Pete


Pete is Mickey’s rival and one of the first Disney villains. Or Goofy’s neighbor. Maybe they’re different people. Pete’s fast and hard-hitting, but has a really poor air game. Pete can attack with a lot of things, like the steamboat he owns or his dog, Chainsaw.



Before Mickey was around, we had Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald is a very floaty and quick character making air combos extraordinary. He can remove parts of his own body, fly with his ears, and get his shadow to fight for him.


Name Info

Classic Mickey

Classic Mickey

A fighter made to represent Mickey's early days. Classic Mickey plays very differently from Sorcerer Mickey, being less of an all-around character. He plays somewhat like Oswald but slightly less floaty. His attacks mostly revolve around his early slapstick humor.

Win ten matches with Mickey.


Name Info

Walt Disney World DMKC

Disney World

A starter stage. The only stage hazards here is a singular car occasionally driving by. Don't get hit!

Orchestra Pit DMKC

The Orchestra Pit

Where the music is played. This stage features a changing background, orchestra music and a staff with flying musical notes.

Orphan's Benefit DMKC

Mickey's Big Show

A noisy show theater filled with children. A cane, bothersome orphans and a large pit all hold a threat to you while you fight.

Steamboat Willie DMKC

Steamboat Willie

Disney's biggest break, starting their entire legacy. This is a simple stage, where the boat just moves along the water. Don't fall in and you're golden!