Mickey Mouse in his Sorcerer form from the Fantasia segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". He attacks with objects and magic from Fantasia, (such as Zeus's lightning bolt or the flowers from Nutcracker Suite) as well as just generic magic attacks.

Mickey is an incredibly balanced fighter. It's incredibly easy to learn and adapt to his playstyle due to him not lacking or excelling in any area. Basically, he's jack of all trades but master of none.


Special Attacks

Entrance: Yen Sid’s Hat: Mickey puts on the hat.

B: The Soundtrack: Mickey carries The Soundtrack as an item. You can use it in two ways. One way is to fire it to stun opponents. The amount of stun time depends on the instrument, which is always randomized. The sound only stuns within a certain radius, and you can’t stun foes if they’re in the air.. If no one is in that radius, Mickey is just left open. You can also just toss it for weak damage.

Side B: Water Buckets: Mickey carries two water buckets. You can walk around carrying the two with no jumps. Press B to toss water. If it hits an opponent, it does minor knockback and can cancel recovery moves. Pushback increases by how much damage you have. At 120% you can create a small tsunami, which can push players across the stage quickly.

Up B: Rising Mountain: A mountain peak spawns and lifts up Mickey. When on the ground, the rock stays stationary for twenty seconds before disappearing. . Press B to shoot flying stars. Enemies can also stand on the platform, but they can’t shoot stars. When done in the air, Mickey just leaps from the rock and it falls. Drop it on airborne opponents!

Down B: Dance of The Hours: Mickey summons a dancer hippo. This hippo spins around the stage, damaging anyone coming into contact. She can rack up multiple hits quickly. If hit with a projectile, she’ll turn the other way and off of the stage. If not hit, she leaves after ten seconds. There can only be one hippo at a time.

Finale Move: Night on Bald Mountain: Chernabog rises from the bottom of the stage. Hazardous fire is at the bottom of the screen, and demons and ghosts attack opponents. After ten seconds, the church bell rings, and Chernabog leaves.


Up Taunt: Glows and says "Wow!"

Side Taunt: Puts palm forward and fire bursts out of it.

Down Taunt: Holds a flower which grows out.

Victory Poses

Option 1: Creates a rainbow and says "I can't believe it!"

Option 2: Colorful fireworks explode behind him.

Option 3: Holds a magic book before disappearing.

Losing Pose: Holds his hat and hangs his head in shame.

Other Details

Food Item

A Cornucopia.

Main Stage

The Orchestra Pit.