Walt Disney's first big introduction to the animation world. Oswald can attack with various things he uses in his short-lived library of Disney-made cartoons.

Oswald is a fantastic air fighter. He has incredible air speed and can easily recover. He's also quick on the ground, but he can easily be launched.


Special Attacks

Entrance: Get A Horse!: Oswald rides in on his horse.

Neutral B: The Knight’s Accordion: Oswald gets out an accordion and plays it while singing. Anyone who comes in a certain radius of Oswald will receive damage and small knockback. If you press B while singing, soundwaves will shoot out of the accordion. Projectiles can stop Oswald from continuing his song.

Side B: Trolley Troubles: Oswald gets on a trolley filled with bunny children, which shoots forward. You can’t turn around. Tilt the control stick up to hop off. The attack also gets cancelled if Oswald falls off of a platform. While riding, press B to send a bunny child flying out.

Up B: Oscopter: Oswald ears start spinning and he flies upwards. You can control your direction horizontally but not vertically. Anyone who touches his ears will receive damage.

Down B: Great Guns: Oswald sets up a cannon. Pressing B besides the cannon will fire a heavy and powerful projectile. You can grab the cannon and walk around to move it. Let go of the grab to put the cannon back down. After three cannonballs the cannon vanishes.

Finale Move: Into the Moat: Oswald delivers a kick. Any opponents who get hit will be sent to a moat filled with crocodiles. The crocodiles bite four times before the opponent is flung back onto the stage. In the end, it doesn’t launch the opponent off the map but it does enough damage to make it easier to KO them. Oswald just trips if the kick doesn’t hit anyone.


Up Taunt: Plays a guitar and sings.

Side Taunt: Buffs his chest out.

Down Taunt: Angrily jumps and yells.

Victory Poses

Option 1: Kisses Ortensia.

Option 2: Turns around with the words "The End" on the back of his shorts.

Option 3: Jumps for joy.

Losing Pose: Folds his arms and looks angry.

Other Details

Food Item

A Hotdog.

Main Stage

Oh, What a Knight!


  • Despite it being the name for Oswald's entrance, "Get a Horse!" is a 2013 Mickey Mouse short. Oswald, however, does make a very brief cameo in it.
  • Frank Welker voices Oswald in this appearance despite his moveset being unrelated to Epic Mickey.