Whenever Mickey appears, Pete is bound to come around to terrorize him. Since Pete's been in many roles over the years, he attacks with a wide variety of things. His tools from his many jobs and his general brute force helps him in battle.

Pete is rather heavy. Although his run speed isn't the lowest, it certainly isn't quick. However he's rather fast falling and all of his attacks are pretty strong, so he can have a large advantage over lighter characters.


Special Attacks

Entrance: Busting In: A door appears. Pete busts through it in a sheriff's outfit (which disappears to reveal his regular one).

B: Chewing Tobacco: Pete spits out some chewing tobacco. The tobacco is affected by gravity unlike most other projectiles, so you'll want to be either semi-close to an opponent or using it to ledge-guard. You can rapidly spit the tobacco with very little end lag, making it easy to chain together multiple hits with it.

Side B: Puff o' Smoke: Pete takes out a cigar and blows a puff of smoke. This is a more straight-forward projectile, just moving straight forward. If the smoke hits an opponent they are briefly poisoned. If the smoke hits any sort of fire while it travels it explodes.

Up B: Wrestling Champ: Pete jumps up in the air in a wrestling outfit, and then slams to the ground. If he hits someone while jumping up, he'll grab them and do a body-slam.

Down B: Log Cutting: Pete switches a lever and a buzzsaw appears. The buzzsaw continuously moves on the platform it's on. It cannot fall off, if it reaches the end it travels the other way. If Pete does this move in the air the buzzsaw just falls down and will have the normal effect once it hits the ground. The buzzsaw moves for ten seconds before disappearing.

Finale Move: Pete's Bandits: Pete appears in a cowboy outfit before hopping on a horse. He rampages across the stage on it, followed by an army of bandits. Getting hit by Pete will drag you to the death, but the bandits just do knockback.


Up Taunt: Pete draws his finger across his neck.

Side Taunt: Says "Boo!" and then laughs.

Down Taunt: Pulls out a shotgun and points it forward.

Victory Poses

Option 1: Says "I told you I'd win! See?!"

Option 2: Chases the opponent in a police uniform yelling "Not on my watch!".

Option 3: Laughs at the opponent.

Losing Pose: Knocked over on the floor.

Other Details

Food Item


Main Stage

Mickey's Service Station.